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Meet the Aerobatics and Glider Team Members


Jenna Coffman

Jenna Coffman in front of an aircraftI got into aviation primarily because of all the traveling I was able to do as a kid. I realized how much I loved being in the air and decided I wanted to hold onto that feeling. I went on a young eagles flight when I was 15, started flight lessons on my 17th birthday, and a year and a half later went on my first aerobatic ride. From my first taste of nearly every kind of flying I've done, I've been hooked. Nothing compares to the feeling of flying alongside the most beautiful sunset or seeing the whole world upside down. Flying gives you an entirely different perspective and puts you in contact with some of the most spectacular people. I plan to spend my career in aviation doing all that I can to impact the journeys of those around me, and expose them to as many experiences and opportunities as I can. I believe that the people who have poured into us to get us this far are some of the most influential people in aviation, and I plan to become one of those. I have no intention of becoming the next greatest fighter pilot, the top of the United seniority roster, or setting foot on Mars, but if I can have even the smallest part in the journey of any of those that do go on to do those things, I'll be more than satisfied with my role.


 Aircraft: American Champion Xtreme Decathlon (N555XD)


Brooks Dickerson

Brooks Dickerson in front of an aircraft.I am a Sophomore at MSU Denver, majoring in Aerospace Operations. I have been flying since I was very young and caught the aviation bug when I saw my first airshow. Right then, I knew aerobatic flying was what I wanted to do. I love flying aerobatics because of the combination of grace and precision it takes to maneuver the aircraft through these sequences, and my primary aircraft of choice is the American Champion Xtreme Decathlon affectionately named “Miles”. After college I hope to fly fighters in the U.S. Air Force, and hope to one day become an airshow pilot and fly unlimited class aerobatics.


Aircraft: American Champion Xtreme Decathlon (N148AK)


Vibeke Gaard

Vibeke Gaard in front of an aircraft.I was born in Norway but have been living in Denver for over half of my life. I started flying towards the end of 2013, and quickly realized I wanted to fly for a living. By the end of 2014 I was enrolled at Metro State University of Denver. I am currently a full-time student and a senior, seeking a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation and Aerospace Science, with a concentration of Professional Flight Officer. I also completed a minor in Meteorology in the Spring of 2017.  I helped found the Aerobatic and Glider Team the Summer of 2016. Flying aerobatic teaches me to be a more safe and precise pilot.


Aircraft: Aviat Pitts S-2C


Jessie Miller

Jessie Miller in front of an aircraftThis is my 2nd semester here at MSU Denver. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and moved to Colorado early 2017. Shortly after moving to Colorado I was introduced to the aviation industry. Aviation sparked my interest after a friend took me for a ride in a Cessna 150, and that’s when I caught the bug. I decided to immerse myself in everything aviation by majoring in Aviation Management, joining the Aerobatic Team, and switching jobs to work at an FBO at Centennial Airport as a line service technician. I’m currently working on my Private Pilot Certificate at Centennial. Before moving here, I did not have any friends or family involved in aviation and I will be the first generation of my family. During the next few years my goal is to obtain all my ratings and try out a few different directions, such as working for corporate and aerial photography. I love spinning around in the air and would enjoy having an aerobatic career or hobby for as long as I’m able. After I graduate I hope to begin a career with the airlines.




Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips in front of an aircraftI caught the aviation bug at a very young age, as I flew around in the backseat of my father’s Super Cub. With my father and grandfather both being Airline Transport Pilots, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. With a love for flying and a passion for tailwheel aircraft, I became a Private Pilot in December of 2015 and a short nine months later became a Certified Flight Instructor. I am now an aspiring airline pilot, in hopes to fly for United Airlines like my father. I graduated Colorado Northwestern Community College with an Associates degree in Aviation Technology in May of 2017. I am also now currently a full time Flight Instructor at Aspen Flying Team in Centennial, Colorado. Additionally, I am attending Denver Metropolitan State University with an expected graduation in Spring of 2019.


Aircraft: American Champion Xtreme Decathlon (N555XD)


Samuel Robinson

Samuel Robinson wearing aviator sunglassesI started flying my freshman year of college after I decided to change my major and move back to Denver from UNC where I was a biology major. This was the best decision I ever made. However, I still wasn’t sure where in the world of aviation I wanted to go. In early 2017 I met someone who changed my life and helped me answer the question about where I wanted to head with my piloting career.   That individual is my coach, Dagmar Kress. I had been looking for something competitive in flying, something to take me to the next level of being a pilot and Dagmar introduced me to the world of competition aerobatics. This past year has been one of the best and because of the Aerobatics Team I have learned so much. I have received instruction that not many pilots will get, and it has made me a much better pilot because of it.


Aircraft: Aviat Pitts S-2C


Natalya Shemigon

Natalya Shemigon in front of an aircraft.I keep falling in love with flying deeper and deeper. Just when I think - this is as good as it gets; a new adventure comes along. I just got my commercial pilots license and am currently working on my bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Science with a concentration as a flight officer. With the help of Metro University's Aerobatics and Glider Team I strive to become a better and safer pilot. Follow your heart no matter the heights, wear a parachute in case all else fails.


Aircraft: Aviat Pitts S-2C (N317JK)


Scott Sowell

Scott Sowell in front of a military aircraft.My obsession with flight began when I first saw the movie Top Gun circa 2001. When I was about 11 I flew for the first time in a Cessna 172 and that's when I discovered that there's no feeling quite like manipulating the controls of an aircraft. I always loved attending the annual air show at RMMA and was sad to see it go. I joined the Civil Air Patrol in 2008 and flew a handful of times both powered and glider but did not start my flight training until June of 2017. I run the flight simulators at Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum and am excited to be involved with the finest collegiate flying organization in the country.



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