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MSU Denver Aerobatics and Glider Team

 An MSU Denver glider

The MSU Denver Aerobatics and Glider Team

The MSU Denver Aerobatics and Glider Team promotes and enhances flight safety by providing an opportunity for students to learn aerobatics, and explore aviation outside the standard right-side-up flight envelope. In addition to becoming proficient in flying an airplane in different directions and attitudes, straight up or straight down, looping or rolling through the sky, students become safer pilots by acquiring the skills to recover from unusual attitudes and spins. 

Aerobatics and Glider Club History

?MSU Denver Aerobatics and Glider Club has a short history! The AGC Team's first year of competition was 2017 - and was filled with win after win after win!

Even with the short history, success was immediate. The MSU Denver Aerobatics and Glider Club posted 1st in all of the country, taking the top collegiate team position announced in late fall 2017.


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