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Cost Estimate

For more than 40 years, MSU  Denver’s Aviation and Aerospace Science Department has delivered high-quality instruction and unparalleled training opportunities at an affordable price. We understand that cost is one of the major considerations in selecting a collegiate program. For this reason, MSU Denver is proud to offer one of the lowest cost aviation and aerospace collegiate programs in the United States!

Our value is bolstered by diverse, highly qualified faculty members who bring rich aviation industry experience to the classroom. Our excellent flight simulator laboratory, the World Indoor Airport, is funded through a stipend that all MSU Denver students pay. As a result, students enrolled in a simulator course have extensive access to practice their flight skills at no additional cost. In comparison, many other schools charge approximately $50 per hour for their simulator usage.

Simply stated, MSU Denver’s Aviation and Aerospace Department will help your career take flight without putting your finances in a tailspin!

For a detailed discussion of cost estimates for tuition and fees for attending MSU Denver, please visit the MSU Denver Admissions webpage by clicking here.  A Cost Estimator and semester tuition comparison tables are also provided.

Although costs for flight training are quite variable, an estimate of $45,000 - 65,000 can be expected. Flight training costs are in addition to tuition and fees for attending MSU Denver.

When considering flight training, note that there are many variables that can affect the cost such as the training facility you choose, weather, rising fuel prices, instructor availability, number of flying lessons per week, and gaps in training due to the student, instructor, or aircraft availability.


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