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The MSU Denver Precision Flight Team and the MSU Denver Aerobatic Team

MSU Denver Precision Flight Team logo

Precision Flight Team MSU Denver’s Precision Flight Team has been recognized as one of the top collegiate aviation programs in the United States, being awarded the 2011 Loening Trophy, the oldest and most prestigious award in collegiate aviation. The Precision Flight Team competes in annual regional and national meets with other members of the National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA). Competition includes ground and flight events. Some expenses are met through various fundraising activities. The team also participates in community service activities.

Any MSU Denver students interested in enhancing their aviation skills or knowledge are encouraged to become involved!


The MSU Denver Precision Flight Team is advancing education while encouraging and fostering safety excellence in aviation. While promoting communication and cooperation between students, educators and institutions in the aviation community, the MSU Denver Precision Flight Team goes beyond aviation competition. The team challenges one another and holds accountable all associated parties to the highest of standards to ensure technical skills and knowledge. The team also created and honors a rigid set of Core Competencies to support each graduate for a lifelong career in aviation supporting all those dependent on safe and purposeful pilots. For more information, contact Professor Chad Kendall or Professor Tyler Bachelder for more information.


Logo graphic of MSU Denver's Aerobatics TeamAerobatic Team The Aerobatic Team provides an opportunity for students to explore aviation outside the standard flight training curriculum required for certification. Students interested in aerobatics can take an orientation flight, performing rolls, loops, Cuban eight type maneuvers, inverted flight, stalls and spins, hands on, with assistance of an experienced aerobatic instructor.

The formal aerobatic training syllabus then expands into stall/spin recognition and recovery training, exploring accelerated stalls, right side up as well as inverted flat, accelerated, switch over, crossover spins, and inadvertent spin and unusual attitude recoveries. After completion of spin training the aerobatic students will receive the opportunity to apply their newly acquired knowledge, while learning to master the maneuvers of the Sportsman aerobatic competition category, including Immelmann, Hammerhead, Humpty Bump, etc. The MSU Denver Collegiate Aerobatic Team participates in International Aerobatic Club (IAC) sanctioned aerobatic contests around the country (See, collegiate program). Students usually compete in the Primary or Sportsman aerobatic category. Contact Faculty Head Coach Dagmar Kress for more information.


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