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Aviation and Aerospace Science Faculty


Professor Jeffrey Forrest, Ph.D.

Department Chairman

  • Ph.D. - NOVA Southeastern University - Computer & Information Science
  • M.A. - Webster University - Space Systems Integration Management
  • M.A.S. - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Aviation Management
  • B.S. - Metropolitan State University of Denver - Professional Pilot
  • B.A. - University of North Carolina - Geography & Earth Science
  • Commercial SEL, SES, MEL, HS-125, CL-600, Glider, IA, AGI-IGI

Specializes in: aerospace systems management, research methods, aviation and aerospace information policy, information science and human-computer interaction.


Professor Kevin R. Kuhlmann, M.A.S.

Associate Chair

FAA AT-CTI (ATC) Program Mentor & B-1900 Ground Instructor

  • M.A.S. - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Aviation Technology
  • B.S. - Southern Illinois University – Aviation Technology
  • ATP, CFI, CFI-I, Commercial, MEI, AGI-IGI

Specializes in: FAA ATC training and certification, airline operations, airline flight standards, safety and human factors, military flight operations and regional airlines.


Assistant Professor Thomas "TJ" De Cino, Ph.D.

Director - Aeronautics and Aerospace Systems Laboratories
  • Ph.D. - NOVA Southeastern University - Computing Technology Education
  • Ed.S. - NOVA Southeastern University - Computing Technology Education
  • M.S. - NOVA Southeastern University - Computing Technology Education
  • B.S. - Metropolitan State University of Denver - Aviation Technology
  • B.S. - University of Colorado - Distributive: Business/Computer Information Systems
  • PVT, SEL

Specializes in: Educational Technologies, Online Education Systems, Aircraft and ATC Simulation Systems, Computer & Information Systems Engineering, Usability Studies.


Assistant Professor Tyler Bachelder, M.S.

General Aviation & Flight Training Advisor

  • BS - Aeronautics - University of North Dakota
  • MS - Aviation  - University of North Dakota 
  • Commercial SEL, MEL, CFI, CFI-I, MEI

Specializes in: Technologically advanced aircraft, flight training, simulator and ground school instruction.


Associate Professor Chad Kendall, M.B.A. 

Airline Careers, Ground Training, Flight Simulation Training, FAA

  • M.B.A. - Jacksonville University
  • B.S. - Jacksonville University - Aviation Management and Flight Operations

Specializes in: flight/ground training, advanced systems, jet transition training, aviation curriculum, psychophysiology, NIFA precision flight team.


Associate Professor Derren Duburguet, M.A.

Senior Flight Capstone Instructor & Ground School Mentor

  • M.A. - San Diego State University - Physical Geography
  • B.A. - San Diego State University - Physical Geography
  • A.S. - Mesa College - Aviation
  • ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, IGI, AGI. Typed: Q-400, SAAB-340, Embraer 135, 140, 145

Specializes in: Regional airline operations & flight standards, flight training, aircraft performance, weather, remote sensing, computer systems engineering and career planning.


Professor George King, M.S.

Chief Ground Instructor & TSA Coordinator

  • M.S. - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Engineering Systems Analysis
  • B.S. - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Engineering Systems Analysis
  • CFI-I, Commercial SEL, MEL, AGI, IGI

Specializes in: Aerodynamics, Aviation Weather and Flight Instruction.


Professor Jeffrey Price, M.Ed.

AAAE & Student Leadership Mentor

  • M.Ed. - Colorado Christian University – Instructional Design
  • B.S. - Metropolitan State University of Denver - Professional Pilot
  • Commercial SEL, IA

Specializes in: aviation security, airport and aviation management, aviation job targeting and aviation career counseling.


Professor James L. Simmons, Ph.D.

Aviation and Aerospace Scholarships Advisor

  • Ph.D., M.A., B.A. - University of Colorado - Sociology
  • J.D. - University of Denver
  • Commercial, SEL, IA, AGI-IGI

Specializes in: aviation management, law and aviation safety and security.


Lecturer Laura Braunschmidt, B.S.

General Aviation & Flight Training Advisor

  • BS Aviation Science – Professional Flight Officer, Utah Valley University
  • AS, Arapahoe Community College
  • ATP, SEL, MEL, IA, AGI-IGI, PIC Type: CL-65

Specializes in: flight training, simulator and ground school instruction.


Lecturer Dagmar Kress, M.B.A.

Faculty Coach: Precision Flight Team and the Aerobatics and Glider Team
  •  M.B.A. – University of New Mexico
  • MÉcole Hôtelière de Genève - Geneva, Switzerland, Diplôme

 Specializes in: competitive flight operations and training – IAC and NIFA coach, general aviation flight training, airshow demonstrations.


Lecturer Jose M. López

STK, Astronautical/Aeronautical Engineering Advisor
  • M.S. – University of Tennessee Space Institute – Aerospace Engineering
  • B.S. – Saint Louis University – Aerospace Engineering
  • Colonel, USAF – Ret, Master Space Badge
  • Raytheon – engineering manager (ret)
  • AGI STK Certified

Specializes in: astrodynamics, energy systems, space science & systems, space operations and AGI Systems Tool Kit (STK).


Lecturer George Nolly, D.B.A.

General Aviation & Flight Training Advisor
  • D.B.A. Business Administration, Northcentral University– Electrical Engineering
  • M.S. - Systems Management - University of Southern California
  • B.S. – BS Electrical Engineering - United States Air Force Academy
  • ATP Certificate: B-727, B-737, B-777, B-787, Learjet, CE-680, BGI, AGI, IGI

Specializes in: Simulator instruction, Aviation Weather and ground school instruction.


Lecturer Randy Owen, M.S.

Astronautical/Electrical Engineering and Space Operations Advisor
  • M.S. – Airforce Institute of Technology – Electrical Engineering
  • M.S. – University of Colorado - Boulder – Engineering Management
  • B.S. – Cornell University – Electrical Engineering

Specializes in: Space Science, Spacecraft Engineering and Operations and Electrical Engineering.


Front Office and World Indoor Airport Staff



Program Coordinator

Specializes in: General Advising, Department Office Operations.


Thomas Shriver, B.S.

Program Coordinator Assistant

  • BS Aviation & Aerospace Science, MSU Denver
  • IGI

Specializes in: Department administrative functions, events coordination and student major/degree plan advising.


Aeronautics and Aerospace Systems Laboratories

Alexandre Toussaint

Aeronautics Technician Specialist
  • BS - Strategic Security & Protection Management - Henley-Putman
  • CFI, CFI-I, Commercial, MEI

Specializes in: Aircraft and ATC Simulation Systems Support, Laboratory Maintenance and Logistics, and Computer/Network Technology Management and general aviation flight instructing.

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