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Integrated Media



Integrated Media is a pool of thematic-based electives supported by the Department of Art to provide a broad base of technical and conceptual skills that can be applied to a wide range of creative activities, not specific to one particular discipline. The goal is to provide fluid opportunities for students to explore the integration of technology with the unique elements of other disciplines. Students will utilize practices such as video, web-based work, electronics, time-based media, installation, and community-based design. 



Integrated Media coursework is designed to prepare students to:

• Bridge disciplines in the field of art, art history, and design, and foster cross-fertilization and collaboration among disciplines.
• Create work that exists outside the boundaries of traditional modes of art and design making.
• Work in an environment that includes a diverse faculty that offers focused research within a cross-disciplinary academic community.
• Engage in innovative, experimental, and theoretical coursework that encourages individual development within an interdisciplinary context.


Examples of Integrated Media Course Offerings Include:

  • ART 1505 The Visual Journal
  • ART 3215 Moldmaking & Casting
  • ART 3235 Video Art
  • ART 3301 The Artist’s Book
  • ART 3393 Electronics and Experimental Systems
  • ART 3591 Digital Fabrication
  • ART 3613 Pattern Networks
  • ART 3637 Socially Engaged Art
  • ART 3639 Performance Art
  • ART 3663 Painting and New Contexts
  • ART 3677 Experimental Photography
  • ART 4030 Variable Topics in Integrated Media
  • ART 4266 Unraveling the Figure
  • ART 4601 Installation Art
  • ART 4643 Drawing in Space
  • ART 4644 Drawing Identity
  • ARTH 3780 Cinema as Visual Art
  • ARTH 3790 Photography and Modernism
  • CDES 2222 Fundamentals of Communication Design
  • CDES 2302 Interactive Systems
  • CDES 2602 Interface Design and Development
  • CDES 3101 Community Based Design
  • CDES 3300 Data-Driven Design
  • CDES 3602 Interactive Design I
  • CDES 3625 Narrative Design
  • CDES 4202 Interactive Design II
  • CDES 4251 Designing the Human Experience
  • CDES 4252 Mobile Prototyping

 Integrated Media classes offered in Fall 2019



Matt Jenkins

Matt Jenkins
Associate Professor - Integrated Media


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Please schedule appointments using our online scheduling tool in the Student Hub. Be aware that some of our faculty advisors are only conducting phone or virtual appointments. Be sure to check your university email for any follow up regarding the mode in which your appointment will be conducted. Please contact the Department of Art office at 303-615-0300 if you need any assistance making an appointment.

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Matthew Jenkins is an Assistant Professor with research interests in performance art, socially engaged art, internet art, and land art/environmental art. His work has been exhibited nationally at the University of Arizona, Versionfest 05 in Chicago, and at the Santa Fe Art Institute. His work has also been exhibited internationally at the Habitat Center in Mumbai, India, the Centro Cultural Recoleta (Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the Culture Center Polymer in Tallin, Estonia, and Concordia University in Montreal. Matthew Jenkins has an M.A. in American Studies from the University of New Mexico (2003) and an M.F.A. in electronic media art and design from the University of Denver (2007).                  

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