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Cadet Army ROTC Documentation

On this page you will find all required documents that will allow Cadets to participate in the program outside the classroom setting.  Please bring all your documents typed and signed on the first day of class, and give them to your instructor.  If you need any assistance in properly filling out the forms, please contact our Human Resources Assistant, Danny Gurule at (303) 492-3158, or via email at



Cadet Waiver of Liability

Transcript Waiver

CC Form 136-R

CC Form 137-R

CC Form 139-R:  Please note the CC Form 139-R is not a contract that obligates a Cadet to a career in the U.S. Army.  This form is required for all Cadets that will allow us to upload your information into the Army ROTC Cadet Command Information System.  The information you provide on the 139-R is also used to gather information for a Cadet to Contract (when eligible), and additionally be eligible for benefits. Please stop filling out this form after you answer question # 53!  Print and sign the form in two places on page 2.

Dental Form:  Our program requires that we know you have dental records somewhere on file, but we do not need a copy.  Please fill out this form and notify our Human Resources Assistant with this information.

Fit to TrainAll Cadets participating in AROTC are required to receive a sports physical.  You must use this form.  Please provide this form to your family doctor or the medical clinic on campus, or even Wal-Greens.  Please note that you will not be reimbursed for the physical.  Without a signature STAMP from the doctor you will NOT be able to conduct physical training or any of the labs outside the classroom.

Prior Service Cadets: If you have a military MEPS physical from the USAR, Active duty, or the National Guard that is less than 2 years old, you may use the MEPS in lieu of the fit to train form.  You must provide all 8 pages.


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