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Spring Classes

Department of Military Science (Army ROTC)

Following are the military science courses taught at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado School of Mines, and Auraria Campus (MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4).

MILR 1021.  Adventures in Leadership 2. Spring. Continues the investigation of leadership in small organizations. Covers selected topics such as basic troop leading procedures, military first aid and casualty evacuation concepts, creating ethical work climates, an introduction to Army organizations and installations, and a further examination of basic military tactics. Introduces students to effective military writing styles. (2 credits)

MILR 2041. Methods of Leadership and Management 2. Spring. Focuses on leadership and management functions in military and corporate environments. Studies various components of Army leadership doctrine to include the four elements of leadership, leadership principles, risk management and planning theory, the be-know-do framework, and the Army leadership evaluation program. Continue to refine communication skills.  Prerequisite: consent of the Professor of Military Science.  (3 credits)

MILR 3062. Military Operations and Training 2. Spring. Studies theoretical and practical applications of small unit leadership principles. Focuses on managing personnel and resources, the military decision making process, the operations order, and oral communications. Exposes the student to tactical unit leadership in a variety of environments with a focus on preparation for the summer advance camp experience.  Prerequisite: consent of the Professor of Military Science.  Contracted cadets only.  (3 credits)

MILR 4082. Officer Leadership and Development 2. Spring. Continues MILR 4072 study of management and leadership concepts and techniques, providing practical leadership experiences in the classroom and during multiple cadet-run activities. Also examines varied topics such as theory and practice of the military justice system, law of war, military-media relations, support mechanisms for soldiers and their families, operational security considerations, and historical case studies in military leadership in the context of 21st century land warfare.  Prerequisite: consent of the Professor of Military Science.  Contracted cadets only.  (3 credits)


Leadership Laboratories: Spring labs are held on three Saturday's. These 3 hour periods provide cadets with practical leadership experience and performance-oriented, hands-on instruction outside the classroom.  Diagnostic evaluations of cadets in leadership roles are frequently administered.  Leadership labs are compulsory for enrolled cadets.

Other requirements include a Military History course.

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