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Fall Classes

Department of Military Science (Army ROTC)

Following are the military science courses taught at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado School of Mines, and Auraria Campus (MS1, MS2, MS3).

MILR 1011.  Adventures in Leadership 1. Fall: Introduces fundamentals of leadership and the United States Army. Examines its organization, customs, and history as well as its current relevance and purpose. Students also investigate basic leadership and management skills necessary to be successful in both military and civilian settings. Includes fundamentals of Army leadership doctrine, team-building concepts, time and stress management, an introduction to cartography and land navigation, marksmanship, briefing techniques, and some basic military tactics. (2 credits) Fall.

MILR 2031.  Methods of Leadership and Management 1. Fall: Comprehensively reviews advanced leadership and management concepts including motivation, attitudes, communication skills, problem solving, human needs and behavior, and leadership self-development. Students continue to refine effective written and oral communications skills and to explore topics such as the basic branches of the Army, and officer and NCO duties. Students conduct classroom and practical exercises in small unit light infantry tactics and are prepared to perform as mid-level leaders in the cadet organization. Prerequisite: consent of the Professor of Military Science.  (3 credits)

MILR 3052. Military Operations and Training 1. Fall: Further explores the theory of managing and leading small military units with an emphasis on practical applications at the squad and platoon levels. Students examine various leadership styles and techniques as they relate to advanced small unit tactics. Familiarizes students with a variety of topics such as cartography, land navigation, field craft, and weapons systems. Involves multiple, evaluated leadership opportunities in field settings and hands-on experience with actual military equipment. Students are given maximum leadership opportunities in weekly labs. Prerequisite: consent of the Professor of Military Science.  Contracted cadets only.  (3 credits)

MILR 4072. Officer Leadership and Development 1. Fall: Examines management and leadership concepts and techniques associated with planning and executing military training and operations at company and higher echelons. Includes analysis of professional ethics and values, effective training principles and procedures, subordinate counseling, and effective staff officer briefing techniques. Also investigates other subjects such as counter terrorism, modern peacekeeping missions, and the impact of the information revolution on the art of land warfare. Conducted both in and out of classroom setting and with multiple practical leadership opportunities to organize cadet training and activities. Prerequisite: consent of the Professor of Military Science.  Contracted cadets only.  (3 credits)

Leadership Laboratories.  Friday's/Fall: These 90-minute periods provide cadets with practical leadership experience and performance-oriented, hands-on instruction outside the classroom. Diagnostic evaluations of cadets in leadership roles are frequently administered. Leadership labs are compulsory for enrolled cadets.

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