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Community-based Research Fellows Program

Downtown Denver as seen from the Applied Learning Center office
Downtown Denver as seen from the Applied Learning Center office


What is community-based research (CBR)?

Community-based research is “a partnership of students, faculty, and community members who collaboratively engage in research with the purpose of solving a pressing community problem or effecting social change.”[1]


What is the purpose of the Community-Based Research Fellows Program at MSU Denver?

The enhancement of CBR at MSU Denver directly supports the University’s Strategic Plan – namely the themes of Student and Academic Success, Community Engagement and Regional Stewardship, and Institutional Culture.

Guided by these strategic themes and related goals, a primary purpose of the CBR Fellows Program (CBRFP) is to bring together faculty, staff, students, and community partners who use community-identified assets and needs to establish the parameters of inquiry and realize the potential for social action. 

CBR Fellows Program Structure

 The CBRFP further aims to:

  • Create a support network for students, which facilitates their research, develops their research skills, and connects them with similarly motivated peers and faculty
  • Promote faculty development in the area of CBR
  • Provide resources for CBR teams comprising faculty, students, and community partners
  • Build capacity among community partners
  • Cultivate and sustain authentic community-campus partnerships

As students refine their research interests, hone their research skills, and progress in their academic studies, the CBRFP expects that they will strengthen their commitment to community-engaged scholarship and exercise their civic agency effectively.


How can I apply for this funding?

Click here for more information and to access the application. 


CBR Resources

Advisory Council


[1] Strand, K. et al. (2003). Community-based research and higher education: Principles and practices. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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