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Applied Learning Center


‌‌The Applied Learning Center is the home of the Internship Program (formerly The Internship Center), the Service Learning Program, The Center for Urban Connections and the  Undergraduate Research Program.

These programs represent "high impact educational practices" documented by George Kuh and the Association of American Colleges and Universities. They each provide opportunities for student learning through experiences outside of the classroom. Creating a single center enhances the work of all four programs and highlights the commitment of MSU Denver to developing a variety of learning experiences for students.

Internship Program

The Internship Program has existed at MSU Denver since 1977. First called the Cooperative Education Internship Center, then The Internship Center, the program mission and activities have not changed. Students from most majors can use the program to find internships. The program also administers academic credit for many academic departments.

Internships enhance the education of MSU Denver students by placing students in work experiences related to their academic major or minor. The staff of The Internship Program works closely with students and employers to match students' skills and theoretical training with positions in businesses, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations. The Internship Program also works directly with faculty to ensure that internships meet the educational needs of our students.

Learn more about the Internship Program

Service Learning Program

The goal of the Service Learning Program is to provide mentoring and support to faculty who would like to integrate service learning into their courses. Faculty who are interested in doing so should contact Dr. Graham Ignizio at

Spotlight on Service Learning Luncheon Series

The Spotlight on Service Learning Luncheon series is a new initiative sponsored by the Applied Learning Center Service Learning Program. Its goal is to bring together faculty interested in service learning pedagogy to share stories and experiences. 

Lunches for Fall 2015 will be scheduled once the school year begins again.

Are you currently engaged in service learning?

Faculty who are engaged in service learning activities are strongly encouraged to let us know what you are doing.  In addition to tracking your projects, we can offer support, and advice on issues like Worker's Compensation and Liability Insurance.  Please Report Your Service Learning Activities.

Are you looking for a community partner for a service learning project?

If you are looking for a community partner, please go to Find Community Partners.

Center for Urban Connections

The Center for Urban Connnections administers the Compact Service Corps  - an Americorps program that provides money for your education in exchange for community service.  The Center for Urban Connections also has resources for students or groups seeking partnerships with community agencies and volunteer opportunities.

Go to for more information.

Undergraduate Research Program

The Undergraduate Research Program promotes, supports, and celebrates faculty and student engagement in undergraduate research activities. These undergraduate research experiences enhance students’ preparedness and competitiveness for future employment and the pursuit of advanced degrees.

Mark you calendars for April 22, 2016, our 5th Annual MSU Denver Undergraduate Research Conference

To learn more about the conference, please see Undergraduate Research Conference .

Undergraduate Research Grants Applications will be accepted again in fall 2015.

If you have any questions about the Undergraduate Research Program, please contact or call us at 303-556-3290.