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The APIDA Alliance plans, organizes and hosts all member meetings and events every semester. These events promote a sense of belonging and build community for all APIDA identified faculty and staff.

Check back on this page for upcoming events and read more about our meetings and events below. 

Meetings and Event Details

President’s Cabinet Meeting on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 in JSSB 400

APIDA Alliance Member Meetings

Active members will meet on a bi-annual basis to discuss business related items.

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Semester Socials

All members are invited to attend community gatherings and socials. These will occur at least once per Fall and Spring semesters.

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Faculty and Staff of Color Events

All members are invited to attend MSU Denver's Faculty and Staff of Color events, organized and hosted by all four identity based affinity groups.

Learn more about the Cooking Class & Social and other APIDA Heritage Month Events

APIDA Heritage Month is recognized during the month of April at MSU Denver to celebrate, uplift, and educate others about the complex history and identities of those in the APIDA community.

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