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Small Business / Entrepreneur

Small Businesses are absolutely necessary for the success of our economy, our community, and our way of life. Some of the world's largest corporations started out as small businesses. Today, approximately 50% of the U.S. GDP is generated by small businesses across the country. The next multi-billion dollar corporation could be a small business started from one of our Roadrunners.

Alumni Career Services is here to help you build your small business dreams.

Whether you're just starting out in business, or trying to find ways to propel your existing brand to the next level, the MSU Denver Alumni Career Service team is here to help you build your dream.

This meet-up group will help connect entrepreneurs with the resources, support, and tools needed to launch, grow, and develop your small business by providing free business advice presented by guest speakers that have demonstrated a proven history of small business success.

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Meet Up Dates


September 17th | October 15th | November 19th


January 21st | February 18th | March 18th | April 15th | June 17th | July 15th

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