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Roadrunner Alumni Corporate Affiliate Program

MSU Denver values employers that hire our graduates and want to support employee relations by helping you recognize those Roadrunner alum who have contributed to a thriving and productive work environment. If you work for a company that employs multiple MSU Denver Alumni, we want to know!


Becoming a Roadrunner Corporate Affiliate has many benefits:

  • Utilize our resources to help you recognize the career pursuit of your employees.
  • Access to internship and position recruitment opportunities.
  • Strengthen your public image in the workplace, with MSU Denver and the community.
  • Encourage employee community engagement.
  • Build and support a network of connected employees.


MSU Denver Hosted Events such as Rowdy Hour- An end of the work day event held at your locations that allows MSU Denver Alumni Relations Team to provide your staff members refreshments, games, and information concerning:

  • Continuing Education
  • Alumni Networking Platform
  • Campus Updates related to your industry specific interest
  • Opportunity to contribute to MSU Denver scholarship fund


In a fun relaxing atmosphere (once-per year).

  • Brunch with MSU Denver - A tabling event that allows MSU Denver staff to bring your office coffee, refreshments, and MSU Denver Goodies for all the Roadrunners in your office, while sharing information about continuing education opportunities, Alumni Networking Platform, news and updates regarding what’s going on at campus. This event is ideal for benefit fairs where you will mostly likely already have other vendors present at your facility but can be standalone events as well.


Other features:

  • A group page on alumni community featuring special invitations to alumni events, continuing education opportunities, discount offers
  • Access to Hire-A-Roadrunner-Information on getting your jobs and internships listed on MSU Denver’s exclusive job board
  • Support from Alumni Career Services to create internship programs exclusively through MSU Denver and your organization.
  • A business subscription to The Denver Metropolitan alumni & friends magazine (Quarterly)
  • If you are a matching gift company, an annual Roadrunner Day of Giving Reception at your workplace.

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