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MSU Denver Day of Giving Advocate Toolkit



On March 19, we are counting on our loyal Roadrunners to spread the word and Join the Race by giving a gift to a wide range of projects. With the help of loyal ambassadors like yourself, we can reach our goal of 550 donors on MSU Denver Day of Giving!


The advocate who raises the most money will receive $250 in bonus funds to any designation of their choice!



GiveCampus is a social fundraising platform for MSU Denver Day of Giving. By creating your own GiveCampus account, you will be able to track the impact of your outreach to fellow Roadrunners. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to and click on ‘Sign Up’ in the top right corner of the page.

  2. Create an account by linking to your Facebook account or using your email. Linking to your Facebook account is easy and if you are already logged into Facebook, you won’t need an additional password to log into your GiveCampus account. If you use your email address, be sure to check for a confirmation email message.

  3. Now that you’ve logged into GiveCampus, chose a project you would like to support and share with your network

  4. Click on the 'Advocate' tab, then click 'Advocacy Dashboard' to: SHARE content with your network through social media and email; CREATE A MATCH OR CHALLENGE; and/or CREATE A PERSONAL PLEA. 

  5. Follow us on Social Media to share our content

  6. Save images and media to use on your platforms: change your profile picture or cover photo and use images within your posts

  7. Download the Social Media and Email Toolkit to see a suggested timeline and sample posts and emails you can use when creating and sharing content with your network.

    • Sample Facebook and Twitter posts

    • Sample emails


Feel free to customize any of the social media posts and emails to fit the project that you are supporting! Be sure to share your messages through multiple email and social media outlets to maximize your Day of Giving reach.


Below is a video explaining how to become an Advocate on Day of Giving

Download files below:

You can use this form to show your followers why you give to MSU Denver. Print it out, fill in the blank, snap a pic, and post!


Contact Katie Mnichowicz at and (303) 605-5820 with any questions about Day of Giving. Thanks for your support!

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