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April 10, 2020

The Goodest Assistants

Our Work-From-Home Office Views & Personal Assistants

Working from home has us all missing our coworkers, but home offices have their perks, too. This week we meet the office assistants and managers who make sure we're all meeting our work goals, because someone has to get things done around here.

1. Lola, who keeps a global perspective on things

My grumpy office manager, Lola


The view from my office AKA the dungeon (no office is complete without a globe!) 


2. Zion applies efficiency to every aspect of the workload

Zion – napping before her 1000th walk of quarantine.


3. Nucks & Scout are on the job

My personal assistant clocking in for the day.

Nucks is monitoring my progress.


Scout's report: Lunch walks are rough. (Plus, she’s doing her best impression of Zion.)


4. Micro-manager Bella inspects things up close

There no personal space here.


The view's pretty boring, so I've added my own green space


5. Nice view, sturdy office mugs

Peep the Mug club glass (with water obviously).


6. And Sully, the goodest assistant

Here's Sully watching me carefully - just waiting for his next assignment.


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