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Want to show your pride wherever you drive?

Hundreds of alumni already have what we call "the best plate in the state" -- the Roadrunner license plate.  Get your plates today, and let everyone on the road know that you are a Roadrunner and that you support your alma mater!

MSU Denver License Plate

How to purchase your MSU Denver License Plates

STEP 1:  Click HERE to make a qualifying donation to the MSU Denver Alumni Association in support of student scholarships

STEP 2:  Receive your DMV-approved specialty plate voucher in the mail

STEP 3:  Take your voucher to the DMV and pay the $50.00 DMV specialty plate fee

STEP 4:  Put on your plates and ride with pride!

Get your plates TODAY!

$25.00  Current Students

$50.00  Alumni

Click HERE to make a gift to receive an MSU Denver License plate voucher.

Questions or concerns? Contact the Alumni Association at 303-615-0055 or

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