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Taylor Atkinson

Student Call Center Assistant Manager

Senior | English Writing

Hometown: Grand Junction, CO

My plans after graduation: To earn my master’s degree in Editing/Publishing, and work as a novel editor.


Fernanda Mora

Student Leader and Mentor

Senior | Biology

Hometown: Guadalajara, Mexico

MSU Denver clubs/organizations/sports teams that I’m a part of: SAA, CO-AMP, NSLS, NSCS


Lynne Winter

Student Leader and Mentor

Senior | Environmental Science

Hometown: Born in Fresno, CA, but I've lived in Colorado for 25 years! 

I like to spend my free time: Crocheting, Gluten free baking, reading, watching movies


Hayley Bevan

Student Leader and Mentor

Junior | Recreational Therapy

Hometown: Surrey, British Columbia

My plans after graduation: To work with disabled youth in a recreation setting.


Shelby Gregor

Student Leader and Mentor

Senior | Special Education

Hometown: Arvada, CO

I like to spend my free time: Drag Racing at Bandimere Speedway


Karla Biorggio

Student Caller

Freshman | Accounting

Hometown: Aurora, CO

What I like most about MSU Denver is: I plan to finish strong, and I know that

MSU Denver will prepare me.


Brooke Lovas

Student Caller 

Junior | Biology & Chemistry

Hometown: Chino Hills, CA

My plans after graduation: Medical or PA school, joining the Army Reserves



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