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MSU Denver Alumni Offers

Take advantage of our special offers, discounts, memberships and more through our various partnerships!

Mug Club

Turn your beer money into scholarships by purchasing a lifetime membership with the MSU Denver Mug Club. For $25 alumni receive a custom mug, discounts on Tivoli beer and much more!

License Plates

Hundreds of alumni already have what we call "the best plate in the state" -- the Roadrunner license plate. Get your plates today, and let everyone on the road know that you support your alma mater!

Update Your Diploma

Did you graduate before 2012? Do you have an MSCD diploma? Is your diploma missing or damaged? Have you had a name change? Update your diploma for just $30 and your gift will support student scholarships at MSU Denver. 


Transcripts can be requested online or in person at MSU Denver's Office of the Registrar.

Meier Skis Partnership

MSU Denver has partnered with Meier Skis of Denver to create and sell custom Roadrunner skis and snowboards! 25% of all sales will come back to the university and directly support student scholarships. Click here to purchase skis and here to purchase a snowboard!

Auraria Library Access

Access to the Auraria Library does not end with graduation! Fill out this form to continue utilizing the library's check-out and online services.

MSU Denver License Plate

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