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Financial Aid

ALP 1 candidates are typically eligible to Apply for Financial Aid. You must apply as an undergraduate. If you apply as a graduate student, you will need to complete MSU Denver paperwork to fix this error and your financial aid will be delayed.

ALP 1 candidates often qualify for loans and sometimes qualify for grants. For questions about financial aid, please visit the Financial Aid website.

The ALP office encourages candidates to Apply for Financial Aid early, even before you have been accepted into ALP. If you apply for financial aid before you are accepted into ALP, your financial aid information will automatically roll into your MSU Denver account once you are accepted. The MSU Denver FAFSA code is 001360.

IMPORTANT: MSU Denver ALP candidates need to read Getting Awards to understand how financial aid funds are disbursed.

All ALP candidates receiving financial aid will be required to maintain satisfactory academic standards. For more information, please see Keeping Awards.


MSU Denver Financial Aid Office

Financial Aid Forms-students who have completed FAFSA will need to check Student Hub to find the list of required forms to turn into the Financial Aid Office. Students may need to check this list more than once, as forms can be added at different times.

Financial Aid Loan Forgiveness Programs


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