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Academic Suspension Appeal Tutorial

Please review the following tutorial and then submit an essay via the "Suspension Appeal Form" link below the tutorial.

Summer 2021 appeals must be submitted by Monday, June 7, 2021 by 11:59 PM

Your essay (5 paragraph format, at least one page in length) will be judged on the following factors:

  • Inclusion of enough details to explain what interfered with your being able to reach a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or above for the last three or more semesters
  • Your ability to explain your case concisely
  • Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation

Please explain the reasons why the Academic Review Committee should reconsider your Academic Suspension by including:

  • What in the last three semesters led you here?
  • How has it been corrected or rectified (via a Plan of Action)?
  • What is your goal/s or purpose for attending MSU Denver?

You may provide documentation (medical documents, etc.) to the Academic Review Committee electronically with an attachment to

Supporting documentation must be provided within 24 hours of the online suspension appeal submission in order to be processed and prepared for the Academic Review Committee.

Allow 7-10 working days for the decision to be made. You will be emailed the response to your MSU Denver email address whether your appeal has been approved or denied. If you are approved, you may make an appointment, with Kim Williams, to register for classes by calling MSU Denver's Advising Systems team at 303-605-7339.

Please take into account that the Academic Review Committee decision is final as is stated in the catalog. If you are denied and still wish to speak to a professional staff member, you may make an appointment. However, be aware that the meeting will be to discuss the options that you have, NOT to discuss the decision that was made by the Academic Review Committee.


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