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2012-2013 Degree Plan Overview

Below are degree plans for the 2012-2013 academic year. These plans are appropriate if your catalog term is Fall 2012. See more information on finding your catalog term if you're not sure. If you have a different catalog term, find the appropriate degree plan using the menu on the left. If your degree plan isn't listed, please contact us.

Business Majors

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Letters, Arts and Sciences Majors

African American Studies

African American Studies, B.A.

Chicana/o Studies Major

Chicana and Chicano Studies, B.A.

History Major

History, B.A.

Philosophy Major

Philosophy, B.A.

Physics Majors

Physics, B.A.

Physics, B.S.

Political Science Major

Political Science, B.A.

Women's Studies Major

Women’s Studies, B.A.

Professional Studies Majors

Criminal Justice and Criminology Major

Criminal Justice & Criminology, B.S.

Industrial Design Major

Industrial Design, B.S.

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