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Degree Plans 2009-2010

These degree plans are intended for students who have a catalog term of 2009-2010. See information on finding your catalog year or see an advisor if you're not sure what your catalog year is.

LAS Majors 2009-2010

LAS Majors

African American Studies


Art, B.F.A.

Art, Studio Art (BFA

Behavioral Science

Behavioral Science with Secondary Licensure

Biology, B.A.

Biology, B.S.

Biology, B.S., Cellular and Molecular

Biology, B.S. Medical Technology

Biology with Secondary Licensure

Chemistry, B.A.

Chemistry, B.S.

Chemistry, B.S. - Criminalistics

Chemistry with Secondary Licensure

Chicano Studies, B.A.

Chicano Studies with Secondary Licensure

Computer Science, B.S.

English, B.A., Literature

English, B.A., Writing

English with Secondary Licensure

Environmental Science, B.S., Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Science, B.S., Ecological Restoration

Environmental Science, B.S., Environmental Geology

Environmental Science, B.S., Multidisciplinary

Environmental Science, B.S., Water Quality

Environmental Science with Secondary Licensure

History, B.A.

Human Development, B.A., Applied

Human Development, B.A., Gerontology

Human Development, B.A., Graduate School

Journalism, B.A., News and Editorial

Journalism, B.A., Photojournalism

Journalism, B.A., Public Relations

Land Use, B.S., Environment and Resources

Land Use, B.S., Geographic Information Systems

Land Use, B.S., Geology

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