MSU Denver

CO-WY AMP Participation Stipend

Accumulate points towards your stipend by participating in the following:

Initial Sessions

  • First virtual session with a STEM Learning Center Tutor – 10 points
  • First Session with  CO-WY AMP study group – 10 points
  • First attendance to Dr. Liu’s virtual office hours – 10 points
  • First application for a CO-WY AMP research grant – 5 points
  • First application for a CO-WY AMP scholarship – 5 points
  • First meeting with an advisor – 5 points

Staying Connected

To know all the latest information and resources, we urge you to read the welcome letter, newsletters and emails.  Keep our CO-WY AMP community thriving by knowing other members and mentor new members.

  • Read the Welcome Letter, Newsletter or email – 5 points

  • Introduce yourself to a member of CO-WY AMP – 5 points

  • Mentor a new CO-WY AMP student – 10 points per mentee

Attend Meetings

  • Attend a Monthly Meeting – 15 points

  • Attend a Connector Event – 15 points

  • Attend a Recognition Celebration – 15 points

How Does it Work?

Simply fill out a qualtrics survey telling us about your participation.

You will receive your stipend at the end of the semester.  The top three participants will receive an additional stipend.