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Re-Admit Students

(Former MSU Denver Students)

Welcome Back

Sometimes life happens, and you have to put things on hold. At MSU Denver, we get it. That's why we've made it simple for returning students to pick up where they left off and get back on the road towards completing a degree.

Why should you finish your degree? The United States Department of Labor reports that employees who hold a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $38,410 more per year than employees with “some college or no degree.” 


What you should know:

  • If less than three semesters have passed since you last attended classes, there's no need to re-apply! Meet with an academic advisor instead.
  • If more than three semesters have passed, you can apply for free as a re-admit student.
  • Former students who started at MSU Denver prior to 1998 must resubmit all required application materials.

How Do I Start?

  1. Apply. As a re-admit student, your application fee is waived!
  2. Submit any additional items not already on file (if you submitted these items the last time you applied, they are not needed again).
    • Official High School Transcripts
    • GED Scores
    • Official College Transcripts
      • If you completed college level courses at another institution after leaving MSU Denver, please have official transcripts submitted for evaluation. Contact the Office of Transfer Services with any questions.
Important Reminders
Balance Due Holds

If you have a balance due from your previous time at MSU Denver, you must resolve this with the Office of the Bursar prior to re-admission.

Academic Standing

If you were on academic probation before leaving MSU Denver, you must complete the Readmit Probation Tutorial before setting up an appointment with Student Intervention Services in order to register for classes.

Financial Aid

If you received financial aid during your previous enrollment at MSU Denver, we recommend you contact the Office of Financial Aid to check your status.

Name Change

If your name has changed since the last time you were here, you must submit an official name change document, such as a marriage license.


“I am very glad that I’ve come back. It’s easier for me to prioritize and do my work now, even though I work full time and have two kids. I’m excited to see what doors will open once I have the degree. I think when employers see that you’ve committed to finishing a job that you’ve started, it shows determination.”

Brandi Brooks

Individualized Degree Program, 2015

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