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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are your admissions requirements?

Our admissions requirements vary based on student type.


2. How do I apply?

You can apply online or fill out a printed application in the Office of Admissions.


3. How do I find out the status of my application?

Processing may take 3-4 weeks and varies during busy times of the year. You will receive an email and letter at the addresses provided in your application. You may also check your status by logging in to your application account.


4. I was admitted last semester and couldn’t attend - do I need to re-apply?

Your admission is good for three semesters, so you do not have to re-apply for admission. Example: If you were admitted for spring 2014, your admission would be good spring, summer and fall 2014.  If you have not completed your admitted student steps, be sure to do that before registering for classes.

If you don't enroll in classes by the fall semester, then you would need to re-apply and pay another $25 application fee.


5. I attended MSU Denver over a year ago – do I need to re-apply? 

We’re pleased you are interested in coming back to MSU Denver! Since it has been more than three semesters since you attended, you will need to re-apply. Example: If you last received a grade in a course in spring 2014, you are eligible to register for classes through spring 2015; however, to register for classes for summer 2015 or later, you would need to re-apply.


6. Do I have to complete the entire application if I’m taking just one class?

Yes, you need to complete the entire application for admission even if you are only taking one class.

If you do not wish to earn college credit for the class, you may audit it (see below). 


7. How do I audit a class?

Students who meet MSU Denver’s admissions requirements may audit a class with the permission of the instructor and department chair, if space is available. Academic credit is not awarded for an audited course. The cost for auditing a course is based on applicable tuition and fee. Students cannot audit an online class or any course offered through CCD or CU Denver. Through the Metro Meritus program, persons aged 60 and older may audit courses at no cost.

Procedures to audit a class/lab:
1. Students must apply and be admitted to MSU Denver.
2. Once the Audit Approval Form is completed and approved by the instructor and the department chair, the student must take the audit approval form to the Office of the Registrar, SSB 160. The Office of the Registrar will enroll the student in the course(s).
3. Tuition and fees must be paid via the Student Hub or in the Cashier’s Office, SSB 150. Audited courses may affect the student’s College Opportunity Fund and/or Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress. Veteran students will not receive veteran benefits for audited courses. 


8. What undergraduate degree programs do you offer

Check out all of your major, minor and certificate options here


9. I would like to receive information on your graduate programs.

We offer several graduate programs at MSU Denver. For more information, please check out our Master's degrees.  


10. When do future semesters begin and end?

Academic dates and deadlines are available on the MSU Denver Academic Calendar.

11. I’ve been classified as a Non-Resident of Colorado. How do I change this?

In completing the application for admission, there may have been unanswered questions that caused you to be classified as a Non-Resident for tuition purposes. If you believe you should be classified as a Colorado Resident, please contact the Office of Admissions at 303-556-3058 to have your residency status reviewed.


12. Will you please send me an information packet?

We would be happy to! Just complete our "Request Information" form.


13. How do I contact Financial Aid?

Click here to visit the Office of Financial Aid’s website or call to speak with a financial aid counselor at 303-556-8593. 


14. Where can I find what classes are offered next semester?

Current and future class schedules that include class listings as well as important registration dates and deadlines are available on the Registrar's website


15. How much is tuition?

Tuition and fees change from year to year. Please visit our current Tuition and Fees Schedule. For questions about your tuition bill, contact the Cashier's Office


16. I would like to visit your campus. What do you have available?

We offer a variety of tours and events. Check out your options.


17. What do I need to do after I'm accepted to the University?

Follow the "After You've Been Admitted" steps based on your student type.


Still have questions? Please call the Office of Admissions at 303-556-3058 or email us at


Campus Safety and Compliance

MSU Denver is committed to the safety of its students and employees.

To find out more and get the annual security report, visit Campus Safety and Compliance.
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