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Hello. It's MSU Denver! 

Hello. It's MSU Denver!

All The Ways We Communicate With You As A Future Roadrunner

We know you're getting a lot of information all at once and it's hard to navigate what is important, what you need to do, and what you might like to know. So we have developed a way that makes it easy! 

Email | Text | Mail | Phone | Social Media

Email Tags

At the top of most emails sent to you, look for one of the email tags below to help guide you through.

Quick Fix

You will need to take an action! These are IMPORTANT to keep you on track and on time.

Quick Read

Something we think you should know or might find interesting.

Quick Watch

A video that is relevant to you.

Quick Rundown

A quick overview to help you navigate long messages.

Quick Reminder

This is a follow up from another email or just a reminder about upcoming deadlines.

Deadline Alert

The admissions application deadline will come up fast. We will remind you when a deadline is coming and if the date changes for any reason.


You Might Also See

Text Messages

  • The occasional text, we promise not to text you too often.
  • The best part is you can reply to us via text too, we have real people that will reply to you. fast. easy. simple.
  • Don't forget you can also text us if you need anything.

Additional Alerts

Paper Mailings

  • Just when you thought everything was digital, you may see mail from MSU Denver so check your mail box! 

Phone Calls

  • MSU Denver recruiters and other university staff may check in with you via phone too. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and connect with the Roadrunner Family. 

Sign Up For Text

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Sign up to receive text messages from MSU Denver Admissions! You'll get important deadline reminders and more.

>Text Me

Get Social

Make sure to follow us on social media to stay connected. We're always sharing events, updates, and all things MSU Denver.

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Want To Know If It's Actually MSU Denver Admissions?

Contact us if you think it's not from us.

Did you get a text?

  • All MSU Denver Admissions texts will come from our main text number 720-7ROWDY8 
  • All of our admissions counselors numbers start with 720-419-XXXX
  • Current students may see texts from other numbers

Why Am I Getting Messages?

Students are entered into the MSU Denver system in a number of ways. Generally it means you have indicated interest in some capacity. This could be through your current school, a standardized test, following us on RaiseMe, or directly through MSU Denver. It might even be that you are in the system from years ago - but to us, once a Roadrunner always a Roadrunner, so we love to stay in touch!

I Want Out! 

No problem! We miss you already...

  • Email Opt Out: You can opt out of email communications by using the unsubscribe button at the bottom. You can then select to opt out of a certain type of emails that may be irrelevant to you or choose to opt out from all future communications. 
  • Text Opt Out: Reply 'STOP' to any message and you will be automatically removed from the system. 

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