Latest Meeting Notes

March 05, 2013

Location – Golda Meir


Host:   AHEC


Call to order


Review minutes from last meeting

Attendees: Steve Davis, David Schuette, Greg Reese, Claudia Romans, Mike Hart, Kent Courtnage, Gary Meyer, Tim Dudley, Don Galarowicz, Tasha Carlson


New Agenda items:


  1. Fiber replacement update
    1. Work is on-going, contractor didn’t receive parts delayed. Starting work Sat & Sun (3-8/3-9). They will take 2 weeks to terminate and test all runs. Planning on doing initial pull on weekend but testing will take place during the week. Will coordinate with different entities for access.


  1. 5th St hub update
    1. Installed 7ft relay rack, contractor ok’d overhead cable tray, need to install patch panels and terminate. Fiber will go from 14th to 5th St to AD 4th floor. Install should be done in one day, existing fiber will be removed. Will cause an outage (including door access) during switch over. 


  1. OSP Management and allocation


    1. Mike Turman on medical leave, Tim asked Ken Ross-no response yet.  Want to ask about the management and maintenance of the OSP-specifically how the conduits will be managed. AHEC will likely manage but the question of “ownership” raises questions and concerns.


  1. Fiber testing
    1. UCD has been doing fiber testing at Auraria. The question was posed by UCD if AHEC has a contractor on board to do this type of testing. UCD has a lot of projects coming up and may not have availability to continue to do fiber testing for the campus. AHEC is looking into getting an OTDR and training their staff on usage.


  1. Notification/Approval when non-campus networks using campus fiber 
    1. Want to get a handle on non-campus entities who tie into and use campus fiber. Who knows what is connected into the campus fiber? Any requests to tie in will come to ACTC for approval prior to granting access. Tim & Don will work on getting a meeting between ACTC and FRGP to discuss notifications and processes. 
    2. Will keep documentation of all outside entities who connect in and where. Want to formalize the agreement with FRGP, there is a lot of liability associated with being responsible for connectivity, Would like FRGP to notify ACTC when new customers are added. Also need contacts at FRGP for outage notifications.


  1. Cellular Coverage
    1. MSU Student Gov conducted a survey about cell coverage on campus. Posing lack of coverage inside buildings as a safety issue. Board of Trustees is looking for a response (two points), 1) Is it a safety issue? 2) What can we do to fix it?
    2. UCD had a similar issue at AMC and installed “Red phones” on every floor and emergency phones outside. AHEC has taken similar measures. The feeling is it is probably less of a safety issue and more of a convenience issue but issue will be forwarded on to safety staff on campus and let them determine if it is an issue.
    3. For planning reasons: a DAS system can be put in for $1-$2 per square foot. Difficult part is getting the providers to show up and bring their equipment (often want campus to pay for equip costs-which are high). Annual Maintenance at AMC is about $12,000 per year, used in house labor for install and expansion of service (time & materials costs)
    4. The issue/DAS proposal should be taken to AEC for approval before we get too far with talking with vendors etc.




February 05, 2013

Location – Golda Meir


Host:   AHEC


Call to order


Review minutes from last meeting


Attendees: Claudia Romans (MSU), Mike Turman (AHEC), Andy Corbett (CCD), Hardy Fulgham (CCD), Kent Courtnage (AHEC Media), Jessica Castle (UCD), Gary Meyer (UCD), Rob Lee (UCD), Dave Schuette (MSU), Don Galarowicz (UCD), Tasha Carlson (UCD), Mary White (AHEC), Steve Davis (AHEC), Barb Garcia (MSU), Brian Stevenson (UCD)


New Agenda items:


  1. CCD will take meeting minutes for the remainder of the year.
  2. AurariaNet wireless update
    1. Implementation is moving forward (see table for progress). Currently working through issues and toward completion. CCD will send an update to the committee later with their implementation status.


  1. Fiber replacement update
    1. Low bid awarded to AmeriComm, they have 60 days from contract signing to complete the work
    2. 48 strands single mode fiber. 3 runs (NC 2208-AD, NC entry point-AR, AR-AD)
    3. Fiber will be terminated and ready when work is complete.
    4. Everyone must vacate use of “the blue cable”, this will be used as a pull string. Please verify you have everything off this fiber. 


  1. 5th St hub update
    1. TR & Fiber replacement bid at $36,000
    2. Fiber connects 5th Street Hub to AD
    3. Cooling unit being delivered for TR. UCD mentioned any fan/cooling unit should be mounted outside of the room to insure the safety of any equipment within the room (from condensation). Mike Turman stated that was not an option for this project and recognized the risk.
    4. Network will not be operational during initial move in (no lead time before commissioning)
    5. Department is funding this project so not a lot of budget for change orders


  1. New building and construction updates
    1. AB1-UCD Building

                                                              i.      Outside plant- UCD using AHEC standard for maintenance hole size. UCD wants to look at getting manhole covers that lock (similar to what is used at AMC). Want to lock all communications manholes (possibly electrical as well). UCD will send info about what is currently used at AMC to the group so they can see the options. UCD would have a key and would also have a back-up somewhere to insure access in an emergency. Signage will be needed in the holes to indicate who to call if there is a problem.

     ii.      Keep hearing this idea of “UCD pays for two conduits” question has arisen around what is meant by conduit “ownership” and whether this design is sustainable or makes sense. Who would manage? Are they dedicated? Is this scalable in the future?

 iii.      Rimrock will be do the cabling for UCD provided plan

 iv.      AB-1 will be on UCD VOIP phones. Question was asked if AHEC was looking at VOIP as a solution on campus.  Has been priced out several times, no decision at this time.

    1. Metro Athletics- moving!

 i.      Phase I (Feb 8) Water retention pond, roads, tennis courts

 ii.      Phase II/III Soccer, baseball, softball fields move

 iii.      There will be emergency phones, no network initially.

    1. 5th Street Garage- Starts in May. Utilities (Telecom) starts in May, construction will start in July and will take 1 year to complete.
  1. Confluence Building (80,000 sq feet)
    1. New CCD Building. Will occupy Spring/Summer depending on completion. IT will start to deploy March 4. Furniture installed in April. People will move after school ends.
    2. Telecom Rooms: 1 on each 1st floor, 3rd floor, and 4th floor. 2TR’s on second floor (plus server room). 
    3. Using Aruba for wireless, provides for more flexibility, gigabit to the desktop, 10 Gig uplinks in the closet.
    4. No update on a DAS.
    5. Building will utilize AHEC FacMan.
  2. RAVE alert via Millennium door access software
    1. Working on a full campus integration between RAVE and the door access software. In the event of an emergency, system would allow a full campus lock down at the push of a button. Lock down would coincide with the RAVE alert being sent to campu