Auraria Cooperative Telecommunications Committee


July 20, 1988

The Charter of the Auraria Cooperative Telecommunications Committee is to set policy
on and to oversee AHEC support of electronic communications (to include voice, data,
and video) on the Auraria Campus. The Committee serves at the pleasure of the Auraria
Executive Committee and provides information to AHEC through its Chair and through
AHEC Administration. The Committee shall assume the functions of the Auraria
Telecommunications Coordinator’s Committee (which is hereby disbanded) and shall
operate as follows.

The Committee shall consist of a technical member and a financial member from each of
AHEC, The Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State College, The University
of Colorado at Denver, and one technical member from the Auraria Library Media and
Telecommunications Division. Each Institution shall have one vote and the Library
Media and Telecommunications Division Member shall have one vote on all matters that
come before the Committee. The Committee will elect a chair from its membership. The
chair will set an agenda, convene the Committee as needed, and will make reports to
AHEC as directed by the membership. The Committee will set and/or evaluate all
policies associated with telecommunications. This will include (but is not limited to)
evaluation of:
· Needs assessments;
· Service levels;
· Transmission capabilities;
· Linkages with off-campus networks;
· Appropriate funding approaches.

The Committee will develop plans for campus telecommunications. The Committee may
choose to draw on other resources (including the formation of ad hoc sub-committees) to
address issues that come before it.

AHEC Information Systems shall provide staff work for the Committee which will
include gathering background information and data, history, surveys, etc. AHEC shall
make the Committee aware of issues it believes are critical in nature. At least annually,
the Committee will draw from this and other sources to create a prioritized list of critical
electronic communications issues on the campus and estimate the resources required to
solve them. The list will be presented in priority order to AHEC. Upon direction of
AHEC, the Committee will provide more detailed alternatives and recommended
solutions to those issues that AHEC deems most critical.

Approved by the Auraria Executive Committee, November 22, 1988.