The Auraria Cooperative Telecommunications Committee



Sincere appreciation is extended to the following institutions and professionals who contributed their time and expertise toward the goal of establishing unified standards for network technology on the Auraria campus.  Their contributions and investment in this manual provide an important milestone in the development of Information Technology on the Auraria Campus.


Auraria Higher Education Center

Community College of Denver

Metropolitan State University of Denver

University of Colorado at Denver


Current Contributors:

Pete Candelaria          Manager, AHEC

Kent Courtnage          Media Services, AHEC

Steve Davis                 ­Telecommunication, AHEC

Amparo Garcia           Network Security Engineer, MSU Denver

Jill Jennings-Golich     Master Planner Architect, AHEC

Phil Kyburz                   Information Technology, CCD

Greg Reese                 Information Technology, AHEC

David Schuette            Network-Security Manager, ITS, MSU Denver

Brian Stevenson         Networking, UCD

Randy Hagan               Networking, UCD



The Editor, ACTC Standards Manual

The ACTC Standards Subcommittee

The Auraria Cooperative Telecommunications Committee


Previous Contributors:

 Angela Burr                website Designer, MSCD

Jill Carlston                 Architect, AHEC

Frank Edlin                 Executive Director, Computer Information Network Services, UCD

Dick Feuerborn           Director of Facilities Usage and Planning, AHEC

Craig Kontny               Manager, Telecommunication, AHEC

John Lovshin          Director of Design and Capital Construction, AHEC

Jay Martin                  Associate Vice President, Technical Services, MSCD

Char Mayo                  Network / LAN Administrator, Auraria Library

Jim Oeinck                 Architect, AHEC

Ken Price                   Director, Information Resources and Planning, CCD

Enid Ross                  Editor & Author, ACTC Standards Manual; Network Engineer I, MSCD

Rafael Salazar            Network Analyst, Computer Information Network Services, UCD

Roger Shaltry              Electrical Engineer, Auraria Media Center

Rick Sparks                Interim Director, Information Resources and Planning, CCD

Randall Storm             Network Engineer IV, IT, MSCD

Bill Trimble                 Construction / Maintenance Manager, AHEC