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Work Group 1 | Mission

Joan Foster | College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Myron Anderson | Institutional Diversity

Zsuzsa Balogh | Civil Engineering Technology Department

Gail Bruce Sanford | Counseling Center

Luis Torres | Provost's Office


Work Group 2 | Integrity

Linda Stroup | Nursing Department

Angela Bender | Human Resources

Percy Morehouse | Office of Equal Opportunity

Stephanie Protsman | Registrar's Office

Metza Templeton | Registrar's Office

Laura Roth | Student Engagement and Wellness


Work Group 3 | Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources and Support

Dave Weiden | Political Science Department

Zsuzsa Balogh | Civil Engineering Technology Department

Michael Kolb | Center for Faculty Development 

Gretta Mincer | Student Activities

Braelin Pantel | Student Engagement and Wellness

Jennifer Weddig| Nutrition Department


Work Group 4 | Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

Michael Erskine | Educational Technology Center

Nils Grevstad | Math and Computer Science Department

Sue Joseph | Education Department

Samantha Kalinowski | Office of Institutional Research

Lou Moss | Academic and Student Affairs

Michael Nguyen | Office of Financial Aid


Work Group 5 | Resources, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Liz Hinde | School of Education

Steve DiVisser | MSU Denver Foundation

Nate Grimm | Budget Office

Sean Nesbitt | Facilities Planning Office

Cipriana Patterson | Budget Office

Leone Schulz | Office of Administration, Finance and Facilities

Kevin Taylor | Information Technology


Work Group 6 | Assumed Practices and Federal Compliance

Greg Clifton | Accounting Department

Michaela Clemens | Academic and Student Affairs

Ciny Hejl | Office of Financial Aid

Angela Marques | Office of Equal Opportunity

Paula Martinez | Registrar's Office

Greg Sullivan | Access Center and Testing Services


Work Group 7 | Communications

Dan Vaccaro  | Marketing and Communications

Bridgette Coble | Career Services

Jamie Hurst | University Advancement 

Gretta Mincer | Student Activities



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