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The Standard Pathway

The HLC maintains processes for determining eligibility for accreditation, for achieving candidacy status, for achieving initial accreditation and for maintaining accreditation. Regional accreditation assures quality by verifying that an institution (1) meets threshold standards and (2) is engaged in continuous improvement.

MSU Denver is currently is participating in the Standard Pathway reaffirmation of accreditation. 

The Standard Pathway seeks to achieve the following goals:

1.  To reduce the reporting burden on institutions by utilizing as much information and data as possible from existing institutional processes and collecting them in electronic form as they naturally occur over time.

2.  To enhance rigor by checking institutional data annually (Institutional Update) and conducting comprehensive evaluations twice in the 10-year cycle.

3.  To integrate as much as possible all HLC processes and requests for data into the reaffirmation of accreditation cycle.

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