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2021 Comprehensive Evaluation

On April 26 and 27, 2021, MSU Denver will host a Higher Learning Commission Peer Review Team at our campus. The purpose of the visit is to complete the first of two required comprehensive evaluations which take place in our 10-year accreditation cycle.

Accreditation Committee Roster

Preparation for the comprehensive evaluation involves the completion and submission of an Assurance Argument which demonstrates compliance with HLC's Five Criteria for Accreditation. Angelica Moreno, Manager of Student Affairs Assessment and Evaluation and S. Leone Dick, Chief of Staff to the Vice President for Administration and Paul Hitchcock in Academic Effectiveness in Academic Affairs are serving as point-of-contact for their branches of campus. Information continues to be collected from faculty and staff throughout the Fall 2020 semester.


By January 2021, MSU Denver’s accreditation liaison officer and president will be contacted by the Chair of the Peer Review team. At that time, schedules will be developed, travel arrangements made, and additional information exchanged between the accreditation liaison officer and the Chair of the Peer Review Team.


Details will be provided in the Early Bird and here, on the MSU Denver Accreditation website.

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