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Completion Requirements

Please visit MSU Denver's University Catalog for up-to-date information on the Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting 15-16 Planning Guide  

** New and transfer students are encouraged to see a College of Business advisor, AD 540, 303-615-1111, before registering for classes. **
** Students who have completed 60 or more credits are encouraged to see a faculty advisor in the Accounting Department, AD 500, 303-615-1111. **


All business majors at Metropolitan State University of Denver must complete the minimum requirement of 33 hours of general studies courses. The School of Business requires 10 additional specific hours of general education for a total of 43 (ECO 2010 & 2020, and 4 additional hours in MTH that may be used to meet the general studies requirements). Students should complete these courses as part of their first 60 credit hours. 


The multicultural requirement may be satisfied by taking an approved multicultural course in the general studies or electives portion of the degree requirements. (See the University Catalog for a complete listing of courses approved to fulfill the multicultural requirement). Please note that MGT 4830 Workforce Diversity is the only business course meeting the multicultural requirement.


The global diversity requirement may be satisfied by taking an approved global diversity course listed in the University Catalog: General Studies Requirements.


Majors in the School of Business are NOT required to complete a minor at MSU Denver. Please see an advisor if you have questions about requirements involved with taking a minor.


Title Course
ACC 3090 Income Tax I
ACC 3300 Accounting Information Systems
ACC 3400 Cost Accounting
ACC 3510 Intermediate Accounting I
ACC 3520 Intermediate Accounting II
ACC 4200 Auditing 3
  Subtotal 18


Select 6 hours from the following in consultation with an accounting faculty advisor:

Title Course
ACC 3100 Income Tax II
ACC 3110 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)
ACC 3200 Governmental Accounting
ACC 3750 International Accounting
ACC 3980 Internship 3
ACC 4510 Advanced Accounting 3
ACC 490C Internal Auditing 3
  Total Hours Required for Accounting Major 24

To earn a bachelor of science degree in business, a student must successfully complete 30 or more credit hours of business coursework at MSU.  This 30-hour residency requirement can be met by completing any business courses with the prefix ACC, CIS, FIN, MGT and MKT and a course number of at least 2000, except FIN 2250.  A student must complete at least 12 upper-division semester hours in the major at MSU.

Students should consult an accounting faculty advisor to develop an appropriate academic program. A wide variety of internship opportunities are available through the Applied Learning Center.

Students interested in becoming certified public accountants should be aware that the majority of states require 150 semester hours of education to sit for the uniform CPA examination. MSU Denver offers classes that satisfy both the 150-hour requirement and Colorado's "education in lieu of experience" option for certification. A unique option for undergraduate students wanting to meet the 150 education hours is discussed below. 

3+2 Program

MSU offers a unique program for currently matriculating undergraduate students called the 3+2 Program. Upon successful completion of the 3+2 program, the student will receive both a bachelor's and the Master of Professional Accountancy degree during commencement. 
Once admitted, a student may enroll in undergraduate and graduate courses – subject to prerequisite limitations.
Students in the 3+2 program are allowed to take graduate level coursework while still classified as an undergraduate. However, no more than six (6) credit hours of master's level courses may count toward an undergraduate degree for students in the 3+2 program. The same master’s level credit hours will not be given toward both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students may apply to the 3+2 program during completion of their second semester junior year (75+ credits), after completion of at least Intermediate Accounting I (ACC 3510) and Income Taxation (ACC 3090). 
Until they accumulate 132 total credit hours, 3+2 students will be classified as undergraduates for financial aid, tuition, and Colorado Opportunity Fund purposes (COF applies to courses numbered 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 only).

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