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Download Instructions for Read&Write Gold Software

Metropolitan State University of Denver maintains a site license for Texthelp Read&Write Gold for PC and Mac.

Read&Write Gold helps all individuals succeed regardless of ability or learning style.  Users can access the reading, writing, studying, and research tools they need at school, home, or work. Having text read aloud with dual color highlighting, along with additional support tools, helps every learner gain confidence and work independently at their own pace.

The discrete, customizable toolbar  works with commonly-used file types and applications including: Microsoft ® Word, Google Docs™, pdfs, Mozilla Firefox®, Internet Explorer®, Safari, and Chrome™, to make digital content accessible. The software can take scanned electronic documents and camera images into a format that enables interaction with the content.

Read&Write Gold:

  • Improves reading comprehension, facilitates research, writing, studying, and test taking
  • Provides increased access to previously inaccessible content
  • Increases student motivation
  • Helps students successfully transition to and graduate from college
  • Can be a life-long tool for continued use in the workplace

Below are instructional links for installing Read&Write onto your personal computer. 

Read&Write Download Instruction

Read&Write PC Install Guide

Read&Write Mac Install Guide

Training and Resources

Learn about the exciting features of Read&Write for both PC and Mac by viewing the video guides at the following link,


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