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Adaptive Technology

What we offer

The Access Center offers a wide selection of hardware and software. The Access Center has only the most sophisticated and up-to-date Adaptive Technologies available on the market today. From Screen Reading software to controlling the entire computer with your voice, we can ensure that our students have the opportunities every student should have.

If you wish to view more information about any of the products, or the companies that make them, click on the graphic or name of the product(s) in the area below and it will take you to that company's respective website.

Read and Write Gold

Texthelp Read & Write Tutorial Video

Texthelp Read&Write Software empowers students to read and write on their own with greater proficiency. Its many features provide users with the tools to examine texts across a multitude of formats. This software is available throughout MSU Denver's computer labs. 

Jaws for WindowsJaws 14

Jaws Tutorial Video

Jaws is the most fully featured Screen Reading Software on earth, and because of that, the ACCESS Center has utilized this tool as the majority of our students have requested it due to its versatility and ease of use. JAWS has the ability to read any text, be it in basic ASCII Code, HTML or even just plain text from a Microsoft Word Document.

ZoomText Magnifier/Reader‌Zoomtext 10

Zoomtext 10 Tutorial Video

ZoomText is the unparalleled leader in Screen Enlargement technology. Now, with their new XFonts system, you can see your text clearer than ever. The ACCESS Center employs the use of ZoomTEXT Xtra! for both Limited Screen Reading and the best Screen Enlargement Tech available!

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon 12

Dragon 12 Tutorial Video

Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Preferred gives the power to create documents, reports and emails three times faster than most people type — with up to 99% accuracy. Surf the Web by voice or dictate and edit in Microsoft Word and Excel, Corel WordPerfect, and most other Windows-based applications. Create voice commands to quickly insert blocks of texts or images — such as your name, title, and signature. Dictate into a handheld device when you're away from your PC, or use a Bluetooth microphone for the same great dictation results without the wires.

Victor Reader Stream

Victor Reader Stream

Victor Reader Stream Tutorial Video

Victor Reader Stream gives you access to a book with equivalent speed, flexibility and accuracy of reading a printed book. Download your favorite books and MP3s on your Stream and leave home with your library in the palm of your hand. This versatile, powerful DAISY-MP3 and NISO player lets you read and navigate through complex books, such as reference manuals and school books, as well as novels and magazines. You can also use its built in text to speech to read books in text format such as Bookshare. And that’s not all… there are many more functions, including an integrated microphone to record voice notes.

‌‌Livescribe Pen

Livescribe Pen Tutorial Video

This pen helps you record everything you write, hear or say. Replay your meetings or lectures simply by tapping on your notes. Transfer your notes and audio to your computer via USB cable and Livescribe Desktop will save everything for fast, easy access to what’s important.

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