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Read&Write Installation Instructions - Chrome

Important Note: This version of Read&Write is web-based and will only run within the Google Chrome browser. If you are using a Windows or Mac computer, it is highly recommended you download and install the associated desktop version instead.

A printable PDF version of these instructions can be found here: Read&Write Installation Guide - Google Chrome

  1. To install Read&Write for Google Chrome, search for it on the Chrome Web Store, or select this link:
  2. Select the Add to Chrome button.
  3. A pop up will appear asking you to confirm that you would like to add the extension. Select the Add extension button. 
  4. When Chrome has finished adding the extension, a popup will appear in the corner to confirm the process is complete.

    Important note: To continue the setup, you will need to be on a website other than the Chrome Web Store, as Read&Write will not launch while you are on the Web Store page. A good site to use is the MSU Denver homepage,
  5. Launch Read&Write by selecting the purple puzzle piece icon at the top right corner of Chrome, or by pressing Alt + Shift + R on your keyboard. The toolbar will appear near the top of the browser.
  6. On the far right of the toolbar, select the three horizontal dots to open the More menu, then select Options.
  7. In the Options window, select Accounts in the menu on the left side.
  8. If the email address displayed is NOT your MSU Denver email address, select the Sign in with Microsoft button.
  9. A Microsoft sign-in page should appear. Sign in to your student account as you normally would.
  10. A permission request screen will appear. Select the Accept button.
  11. You should be taken back to the Options window. Your MSU Denver email should be listed now, and the button should change to Sign in with Google.
  12. You are now ready to use Read&Write for Google Chrome!

Important note: You must be signed in with your student email in order for the license to validate. If at any time you see a message that your license will expire, please follow steps 5 - 11 to confirm you are signed in with your MSU Denver email address.

Need help?

If you have any issues with the installation process, please contact:

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