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Resources for Students

This page lists some of the resources available to students, both on and off campus.

Strategies, Tips, and Skills Development

Learning Strategies from Dartmouth College

Time Management from Dartmouth College

Stress Management from Dartmouth College

Tips for Better Sleep (PDF): 14 Tips To Try For Better Sleep

Notetaking Strategies

Academic Advising

Academic advising includes, but is not limited to, guidance on choosing majors, minors, concentrations, and other academic programs; connecting academic choices to career planning; helping students understand academic policies & procedures; and referring students to university resources, as appropriate.

Auraria Library

The Auraria Library is committed to providing all patrons with disabilities access to Library facilities, information resources, services and programs.


The CARE Team provides early assessment and referral when a student's behavior is flagged as concerning, risky, or potentially harmful to self, others, or the community. The CARE Team relies on members of our community to share information when they observe student behavior that is concerning, risky, or potentially harmful. To share any such behavior, please file a CARE Report.

Career Services (C2 Hub)

Provides career and applied learning services, such as career interest testing, resume preparation, jobsearch strategies, interviewing skills, Internships, Service Learning, Civic Engagement, and Undergraduate Research.

Center for Equity and Student Achievement (CESA)

The Center for Equity and Student Achievement (CESA) promotes greater equity across the university, in the community, and in society as a whole by embodying MSU Denver's commitment to reducing equity gaps in the educational access and success of historically marginalized student populations. Our goal is to coordinate high-quality culturally competent programming, academic support, and post-graduation readiness services while also creating a community where student's feel safe and empowered to succeed as their authentic selves.

Counseling Center

Balancing the demands of college life can be difficult. In addition to academic requirements, there are financial pressures, relationship issues, and job stressors that can leave you feeling beat up and worn out. The Counseling Center staff can help you find ways to manage difficult times and provide you with a comforting place to examine your life and learn more about yourself so you can realize your potential.

The Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy (GITA)

All genders are welcome to access information and resources to meet the needs of a diverse student body. Through our collaborations across campus, GITA offers programming that encourages engagement in critical dialogue and advocacy for social justice.

Health Center

Open to all MSU Denver students, faculty, and staff. The Health Center provides an accessible outpatient service devoted to helping students meet their health care needs at a low cost.

Healthy Eating Options On Campus

Healthy eating is about eating a variety of foods from all food groups to give you the nutrients you need. Please visit the following site to learn about healthy eating options on campus including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.


The ITS HelpDesk can assist students with technology-based issues via phone, online, or in-person. Visit their website to learn more or to contact them.

Immigrant Services Program

The Immigrant Services Program is an academic and social support program that aims to increase enrollment, retention, and graduation of undocumented, DACA, immigrant, and refugee students. Through academic counseling, ESL support, scholarship application assistance, and access to campus and community resources, the program's mission is to address the most common challenges and barriers to education that this underserved, underrepresented student population faces.

Integrated Supports for Students with Autism in College

The Integrated Supports for Students with Autism in College (ISSAC) program supports adults with autism in communication, social engagement, self-advocacy, and self-regulation skills to achieve academic success, develop meaningful relationships, and attain competitive employment. We provided one-on-one individualized intervention and peer mentoring along with group sessions that focus on the individual's strengths and needs.

LGBTQ Student Resource Center

The LGBTQ Student Resource Center is a tri-institutional office serving students, faculty, and staff of all genders and sexualities on the Auraria Campus. We are a resource for those experiencing issues with sexuality, gender identity, and discrimination or harassment. We are a community for all.

Phoenix Center at Auraria

The PCA provides free and confidential resources and assistance to survivors of interpersonal violence (relationship violence, sexual violence, and stalking), as well as their friends, families, and concerned others.

Roadrunner Food Pantry

The Roadrunner Food Pantry serves to fight hunger on campus by providing basic nutritional food for students in times of need. The Roadrunner Food Pantry is available to all MSU Denver students and provides snacks and pantry items for meal preparation. The Roadrunner Food Pantry is aligned with additional resources on and off campus that promote the overall well-being of the students.

Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities enriches students' college experiences by helping them Get Involved and Learn More about campus life through dynamic activities such as events, co-curricular opportunities, student organizations, leadership education and volunteer opportunities.

TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO SSS assists first generation, low-income students and students with disabilities in achieving academic success through various support services including: tutoring, peer mentoring and career preparation.

Tutoring Center

Trained peer tutors help students reach their educational goals. Group, individualized, and walk-in tutoring is available.

Writing Center

Trained writing tutors teach students to generate, organize, and develop ideas, to revise and edit with confidence, and to handle issues of format and documentation.

Local and National Support Services

Below is a list of local and national organizations that provide various resources and services.

Denver Disability Resource Guide

A resource provided by the Denver Division of Disability Rights, the Disability Resource Guide is a downloadable PDF containing information and service providers for individuals with disabilities. Download the guide here: Denver Disability Resource Guide 2017


Apps and Software to Help Support Learning

Technology can be an excellent support tool, especially for students, so we've created a brief resource list of apps and programs you may find helpful.

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