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Metropolitan State University of Denver Alpha Alpha Chapter - Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society

Delta Alpha Pi (DAP),  Alpha Alpha Chapter

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Access Center

DAP was founded at East Stroudsburg University in 2004 to recognize the academic accomplishments of students with disabilities. 

DAP Incentives:

  • Recognizes academic accomplishments
  • Enhances resumes and graduate school applications
  • Increases positive perception of individuals with disabilities
  • Facilitates development of leadership and advocacy skills
  • Provides mentoring opportunities
  • Demonstrates pride in academic achievement

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Maintain a minimum cumulative Undergraduate GPA of 3.1, Graduate cumulative GPA of 3.3.
  2. May or may not be actively registered with the Access Center.
  3. Achieve a minimum of 24 credits hours (Undergraduate) 18 completed credits hours (Graduate) and currently enrolled at MSU Denver.
  4. Demonstrate an interest in disability advocacy issues by volunteering for one disability related activity per academic year.
  5. Attend at least one general meeting (or two open forum meetings) of the Alpha Alpha Chapter of the DAP per academic year.  There are two general meetings held each academic year in conjunction with the Induction Ceremony.  These are typically held in November for the fall semester, and April for the spring semester.
  6. Be willing to have your name, address and email contact sent to the International Honor Society each year if you remain on the Active List by meeting criteria 1-4 above.
       ** In order to remain on the Alpha Alpha Chapter Active Membership List, members must maintain criteria #1-6 above, otherwise names are moved to an inactive status list.

Membership Application

By filling out this application I acknowledge that this information will be forwarded to the President of DAP, Alpha Alpha Chapter.

Name:  Last, First
Zip Code:  
Student ID#:  
Metro E-mail:  
Personal Email:  
Academic Major:  
Anticipated Graduation Date:  
Cumulative Grade Point Average:  
Number of Credits earned to date:  

 If photos are taken of myself during DAP events, I authorize the use of such photos for DAP publications (flyers, website, etc.).


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