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Q. Is the Access Center a "Learning Disability Program?"

A. No. The Access Center is not a comprehensive learning disability program. There are no special classes or specially designated academic services for students with learning disabilities at MSU Denver. Support services and accommodations are provided to eligible students with a variety of disabilities who request them after they are admitted to MSU Denver.


Q. I have a learning disability. What services/accommodations am I entitled to?

A. No student is automatically entitled to a standard list of accommodations based on a specific disability. Students may establish eligibility for accommodations to insure equal access. Eligibility for accommodations is determined for each student individually, based on the documentation provided and how the disability impacts the student in an educational setting.


Q. Are there any fees for academic accommodations?

A. No, there are no fees for accommodations. Accommodations are required by law and are the responsibility of the university.


Q. What if I need assistance with personal care. Does the Access Center provide this service?

A. Personal care assistance is not a required accommodation by law. All costs for personal care are the responsibility of the student.


Q. I'm not sure, but I think I may have a learning disability. Do you do LD testing?

A. The Access Center does not conduct LD testing; however, we can provide you with a list of professionals in the area that do LD Assessments. The student is responsible for the cost of any learning disability assessment.


Q. Will my transcript indicate affiliation with the Access Center and my use of accommodations?

A. No. Affiliation with the Access Center is confidential and not part of a student's official academic record.


Q. Does the Access Center provide mobility training to students with visual impairments?

A. No. Our staff are not trained mobility instructors. However, we are more than happy to temporarily assist new students that are unfamiliar with the campus in getting to their destination. Students should contact the the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation or rely on family/friends for on-going campus orientation.

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