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Annual Access Awards

The Access Center launched its first annual Access Awards on April 24, 2015. The Access Awards recognize faculty and staff who have made MSU Denver a more accessible learning environment for all students.  

2017 Student Recognition Award Recipients

Dr. Jovan Omar Hernandez

Dr. April Hill

Mr. Scott Perry

Collaboration Award

Dr. Elizabeth Kleinfeld

Dr. Fordyce G Lux III


2016 Student Recognition Award Recipients

Dr. Desire Anastasia

Ms. Nicolette Giasolli

Dr. Lisa Hagan

Ms. Carol Jensen

Dr. Arlene Sgoutas

Volunteerism Award

Dr. Tina Herring

Collaboration Award

Institute of Women's Studies and Services


2015 Student Recognition Award Recipients

Ms. Jane Broida

Dr. Katia Campbell

Dr. Clark Dollard

Mr. David Kottenstette

Ms. Brandi Scott

Ms. Carol Tkach

Volunteerism Awards

 Dr. Michael Jacobs

 Ms. Mikkilynn Olmsted

 Dr. Shaun Schafer

Dr. Andrew Thangasamy

Student accepting an access award

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