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Alternative Format Request Instructions

The Access Center utilizes an online system for requesting and delivering alternative format textbook requests. This allows students to request their textbooks independently at their convenience. Please request your textbooks as soon as you know what classes you will be taking.

Before You Request Your Books

To make the request process as smooth as possible, please be sure you have the following information prior to beginning your request:

  • Full title of the book
  • ISBN number. This usually starts with "978" and is 13 digits long. Please note that ISBN numbers are unique for every format of a book, so please be sure the ISBN is for the print book ONLY. ISBNs for bundles, packages, and access cards may take additional time to process.
  • Author's name - The full name or just a last name is sufficient. While this is not required for your request, it will be helpful in selecting the correct book in our system.

Course textbook information is available from the Student Hub, by clicking on the “View Book Information” link at the bottom of the Registration Page.

If you do not see any textbook information listed, it is your responsibility to do one of the following:

  • Contact the bookstore to verify if they have information or not.
  • Contact the listed instructor via email to confirm the textbook information by clicking on the instructor in your registered courses list.
  • Contact the department chair for the course via email.
  • Contact your Access Center coordinator for assistance with the above options.

Please note that you will be prompted to upload a proof of purchase during the request process. While you are encouraged to do so, you are not required to upload proof of purchase to submit your request. You are required to submit proof of purchase prior to receiving any completed files.

To Submit Your Request

  1. From the Access Center website (, select the Students button. Then, select the Request Textbooks in Alternative Format quick link.
  2. On the Alternative Format Page, click the "New request" link at the top of the page.
  3. On the login page, enter your MSU Denver NetID and password. IMPORTANT: DO NOT use your email address in the username field or you will receive an error when attempting to log in.
    • If you do not know your NetID or password or need assistance with either, please contact the HelpDesk at (303) 352-7548.
  4. Follow the directions on the page to complete your request.
    • IMPORTANT: To successfully submit your request, you MUST click the shopping cart icon on the confirmation screen. Your request is not complete until you reach the page indicating it has been successfully submitted.

You should receive an automatic email confirming your submission. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of submitting your request, please contact us immediately by emailing as your request may not have successfully completed.

Alternative Format Guidelines

This document is intended to provide information regarding the alternative format services provided by the Access Center. Students who request alternative format are responsible for following the guidelines outlined below.

  • Alternative format may only be requested by active students registered with the Access Center who have been approved for this accommodation.
  • The student must be enrolled in the course and appropriate semester for which the alternative format is being requested. If a student is currently waitlisted for a course, they may request the associated materials, but must inform the Access Center of all courses for which they are waitlisted.
  • Due to copyright requirements, the student must purchase a copy of all required textbooks and provide a receipt or other proof of purchase to the Access Center before any alternative format materials are provided.
  • The student agrees to not reproduce, share, or otherwise distribute any alternative format materials provided by the Access Center to any other individual. Violation of this agreement is considered copyright infringement.
  • Alternative format requests should be submitted as soon as the student registers for their courses. Course textbook information is available from the Student Hub, by clicking on the “View Book Information” link at the bottom of the Registration Page.
  • To submit a request for alternative format, students must complete the Request Textbooks in Alternative Format form. A quick link to the form is located under the Students section of the Access Center website ( Alternatively, students can use this link: If a student is unable to access this form or requires assistance completing it, they should contact the Access Center as soon as possible.
  • In the event a student changes or drops a class for which alternative format was requested, or there is a change in textbooks, the student must notify the Access Center immediately.
  • Requests are processed in the order they are received. Conversion time can vary depending on the request, but can take up to 6 weeks or more, particularly during the beginning of a semester. The Access Center strives to fulfill requests as quickly as possible.
  • In order to meet the immediate needs of as many students as possible, alternative format may be provided in stages. By default, the Access Center will process books in order from front to back. If a student will require content in a non-typical order (e.g., the class will cover material in the book starting with chapter 9 instead of chapter 1), the student can provide the Access Center with a copy of their syllabus or course schedule to assist in ensuring material is processed in a more appropriate order.
  • If we are unable to acquire a suitable copy of a requested textbook, the student will be asked to provide a hard copy of their textbook to be cut and scanned. This process requires the binding of the textbook to be cut, allowing the Access Center to scan and process the book. Upon completion of the processing, the textbook will be re-bound with a plastic spiral comb, and returned to the student. This process is optional, and the Access Center will contact students to discuss this matter with them if necessary.
  • Once a request is completed, the Access Center will send an email to the student containing instructions to download the available files. If the student experiences any issues in downloading these files, they should contact our office immediately.
  • Access to files will be removed after the conclusion of the semester. The student must download all files they wish to keep on their personal device prior to the conclusion of the semester.

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