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Accommodated Testing Information

This page provides students and faculty with information regarding the accommodated testing scheduling process.  Please read below for more information regarding:

  • Student Accommodated Test Scheduling Instructions
  • Faculty Accommodated Test Scheduling Instructions


Student Accommodated Test Scheduling Instructions

  1. If you are already approved for testing accommodations then you can skip to step 3, otherwise meet with an accessibility coordinator for a 1-on-1 consultation to determine your testing accommodations.  You can set up an appointment with our front desk at (303) 615-0200.
  2. After your appointment, you will receive an accommodations letter from your accessibility coordinator. Please provide each of your professors with this letter. They are not required to provide accommodations without being presented with the letter.
  3. Go to our website and select the "Schedule Accommodated Exam in Access Center" button or Click the following link to schedule an exam with our testing office Do this at least three business days before the test date.
  4. Log into the testing website just like you do for your MSU Denver email.
  5. Follow the instructions to schedule an exam.
  6. Check your MSU Denver email for a scheduling confirmation.
  7. Come in to PL 124 and test at your scheduled date/time.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this process or testing in general, please call 303-615-0199 to speak with the Accessibility Accommodations Coordinator, Sophia Smanyaphirak.


Faculty Accommodated Test Scheduling Instructions

If you receive an Accommodation Letter indicating the student is eligible to receive exam accommodations and they schedule an exam using our secure online scheduling system, please follow the process below.  

  • After the student schedules an exam you will receive an automated email requesting that you upload your exam to our secure online system. Follow the link in the automated email and log into this system using your MSU Denver NetID (Your MSU Denver NetID is anything before the “” in your email address).
  • You can log into this website at any time of the day to upload exams and provide exam administration instructions. Please provide exams and materials at least 1 business day prior to the scheduled exam date.
  • If you choose to drop off a physical copy of the exam, please follow the link in the email and provide us with exam information. Please check with our office first to ensure that the student does not have an accommodations conflict with a physical copy of the exam (some students will need a digital copy). You can call (303) 615-0199 to check with us or email
  • If you have questions or issues, please call the Accessibility Accommodations Coordinator, Sophia Smanyaphirak, at 303-615-0199 or email us at




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