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Notetaking Request Form

This form is intended only for use by students who have been approved for notetaking accommodations by the Access Center. After you submit this request, our office will notify your professor(s) indicating that you will be scheduling a meeting with them to discuss which option will be selected by your professor in order to provide you access to course notes.  Please be aware that the option selected by your professor will often be dependent upon the instructional design of the course.  Failure to meet with your professor(s) will delay the process in you receiving this accommodation.

Please immediately contact your Accessibility Coordinator if you have any question or concerns regarding this process, 303-615-0200.

If you are requesting notetaking assistance in more than 6 courses please fill out an additional request form.

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Student I.D.#:*
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Course(s) you are requesting notetaking accommodations: Example: ENG 1010  


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