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Interpreter Event Request Form

The following form is to be used for requesting sign language interpreteters for any MSU Denver sponsored meeting, event or activity.

Requester's Name:
Student ID# (if applicable):

Name of Deaf/Hard of Hearing Person requiring the Interpreter:

Name of Department sponsoring the event (if applicable):
Sign Language Preference:
Type of Event (tutoring, advising, etc.):
Date of Event:
Location of Event (Building Name & Room #):
Time of Event: Starting:*
Additional Event Information (please include event program, agenda or script):

By submitting this request I acknowledge that all requests for such service require a minimum of three working days notice (one week notice is preferable), to coordinate scheduling of interpreters.

Every effort will be made to fulfill requests made on short notice, with the understanding that interpreters may not be available.

If you need to cancel an interpreter please contact Kim Duzenack,, at least 24 hours prior to the start of the event.

* Do not use this form for requesting interpreters for classes!

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