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University-wide Provost's Office Assessment Committee (UPAC)

The University-wide Provost’s Office Assessment Committee (UPAC) formally replaces what was originally called the General Studies Program Assessment Committee (GSPAC). UPAC is the umbrella organization for all assessment activities at MSU Denver. The UPAC is an extension of the GSPAC but is inclusive of program assessment as well (both instructional and non-instructional). Kim Barron, Director of Academic Effectiveness, is the Chair of the UPAC. 

UPAC Membership 2018


Undergraduate Outcomes Task Force (UOTF)

The MSU Denver University Outcomes Work Group has been working to identify a set of learning outcomes that will help guide all MSU Denver undergraduates to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for the 21st century. The process of outcomes development has involved a broad University-wide discussion that has been collaborative and transparent. On August 6, 2015 Provost Golich charged the Undergraduate Outcomes Task Force (UOTF) with the task to prepare and develop a set of undergraduate learning outcomes that is integrally tied to our Mission Statement and recently refreshed Strategic Plan.

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