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Dr. Michael McNeal

Adjunct instructor, Department of Political Science

Course for OER adoption:  PSC 2230 Introduction to International Relations

Semester of planned adoption:  Fall 2020

Project summary:  To create a section of PSC 2230 Introduction to International Relations, utilizing International Relations, by Stephen McGlinchy, ed., through the Open Textbook Library.  McGlinchey’s text is clear and the writing is well edited.  The book’s chapters, while authored by different contributors, are consistently edited, giving the text a high degree of consistency.  The organization, structure, and flow of the text are effective, and assigning the sections in a different order would not be detrimental to this.

Dr. David Weiden

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

Course of OER adoption:   PSC 1010 American National Government

Semester of planned adoption:  Summer 2020

Project summary:  Review Open Educational Resource textbooks for adoption in PSC 1010, American National Government course, then select and utilize OER textbook in class.  After course completion, analyze and review student satisfaction with OER text and disseminate results to department and other interested parties.

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