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Dr. Ann Diker

Professor, Department of Nutrition

Course for OER adoption:  NUT 2040 Introduction to Nutrition

Semester of planned adoption:  Fall 2020

Project summary:  Involves locating and implementing an appropriate OER textbook for MSU Denver students who enroll in Introduction to Nutrition, a General Studies Natural and Physical Science course taken by approximately 2,000 students each year.  An appropriate OER text for the course will be found during Fall 2019. The online master template of NUT 2040 will be revised to incorporate OER materials during Spring 2020. Updates on the progress of the project will be shared with all NUT 2040 instructors during the regularly scheduled instructor meeting in Spring 2020. The revised online version of the course will be launched no later than Fall 2020 (with intention to launch as a pilot in Summer 2020).

Dr. Bruce Rengers

Professor, Department of Nutrition

Course of OER adoption:  NUT 490A (converting to NUT 3170) Advanced Nutrition

Semester of planned adoption:  Spring 2020

Project summary:  NUT 490A (NUT 3170) Advanced Nutrition is a new course at MSU Denver first taught in summer 2019.  It is a leveling course for students seeking entry into the MSU Denver Nutrition Master’s Program who have not completed an advanced nutrition course elsewhere.  The course is now projected to be offered every semester including summer.  The Open Educational Resource text “The Kansas State University Human Nutrition (FNDH 400) Flexbook” will be adopted in the course starting Spring 2020 as the sole textbook for the course.

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