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Steven Krizman, M.A,

Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism & Media Production

Course for OER adoption:  new course, Media Entrepreneurship

Semester of planned adoption:  Fall 2020

Project summary:  Research to help tailor a new course, Media Entrepreneurship, to fit the media industry landscape in Colorado. The results will help tailor the lesson plan, create articles, videos and slides to augment the OER text and will provide a list of guest speakers for the class. It will result in written and recorded content that will be uploaded to the Auraria Library open access system and will be submitted to for publication in the next edition of the OER text. 

Lisa Ortiz

Professor, Department of Journalism and Media Production

Course for OER adoption:  JMP 2460 Raster Graphics

Semester for planned adoption:  Spring 2021

Project summary:  Incorporating portions of two OER books into JMP 2460 – Raster Graphics course. One OER resource focuses on graphic design principles and the other contains updated Photoshop exercises. Both resources will complement existing lecture material and course assignments. Will also survey students, throughout the semester, on the quality and relevance of the OER materials for continued inclusion in the course. Having previewed the OER resources already, believe students will find great value in the material.

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