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The Open Educational Resources Used in a Course award is shared by two early adopters and creators of OER, both of whom attended the CTLD Fall 2018 OER faculty learning community. Andrew Bonham, Chair of the Chemistry department, shifted CHE 2100, Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry, to using an OER textbook, which is saving students approximately $7,000 in Spring 2019. Professor of History Todd Laugen is co-author of COLORADO HISTORY DETECTIVES: TEACHING HISTORICAL LITERACY TO SCHOOL-AGED READERS, which he used in Spring 2019 in HIS 3425 “Colorado and the Nation.” His book will also benefit K12 students and teachers across the state.


The OER Promotion on Campus award goes to Alex McDaniel, Associate Director of Instructional Design. Alex has been a behind-the-scenes Open Educational Resources champion for many years, helping faculty consider OER during online course design. His contributions have led to massive student coast savings, estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and laid the foundation for the movement towards increased use of OER at MSU Denver.

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